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April 5, 2013
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Third POV

It had been several months since Olivia had joined the crew. The guys treated her like one of the boys; playing jokes on her and just goofing around like they had known each other for years.
“Sammi, come on, we have been walking around for hours. I think I have plenty of stuff.”
“Just a little longer, Liv.”
“Cuz, I am looking for one more thing.” They walked around for another good half hour before Sammi had decided that she wasn't going to find it. She took out her phone and texted the guys real quick before shoving it back into her purse.
“Who was that?”
“Oh it was no one. I was just telling the guys we were on our way back.”
“Oh okay.” They walked out to Sammi's car, put their bags in the trunk and started driving. Olivia was looking out the window and turned to Sammi.
“We passed the hotel.”
“I know.”
“Where are we going?”
“Nowhere important.”
Olivia raised an eyebrow at her, “Come on, don't you want to drive around LA for a bit, without those noisy boys?”
“Yeah that sounds good.” Sammi smiled and turned on the radio. Motley Crue was blasting out the speakers as Sammi pulled into the hotel they were staying at with the boys.  She took the keys out of ignition and opened the trunk. They each took their bags and went up to their hotel room.
“Come on let's go down to the rec room.” Sammi suggested.
“Alright, just let me change and I'll meet you down there.”
“Okay.” She smiled and left the room. Olivia took out one of her new outfits she had just bought at the mall. She stripped out of her other clothes and into her new ones; a “The Relapse Symphony” slim fit t-shirt, a crossbones circle skirt, and black converse. She walked over into the bathroom to brush out her hair, which was now cut shoulders, and left the room; walking down to the rec room. When she got there, the room was pitch black.
“Sammi? Sammi, are you in here?” Just then someone turned the lights on and everyone yelled, “Surprise!” Olivia jumped at this not expecting any of it.
“We totally got you!” Christian yelled from the other side of the room.
“Yeah you did.” She laughed a little and walked further into the room.
“Happy birthday, Liv.” Sammi walked over and hugged her.
“Thanks.” She took a good look around the room this time. There were red and black balloons and streamers scattered throughout the room. She walked over to the table to where a cake was. She smiled when she saw it.  The border of the cake had red and black, while the center of it was a photo. A photo of her and Sammi and the guys. It was taken a couple months ago after they finished the tour.
“Happy birthday, Punk.” She squeaked as the person behind her picked her up and hugged her.
“That was the cutest thing in the world.” She recognised the voice and turned to see Andy chuckling behind her.
“Jerk,” She punched his shoulder playfully, “You know I don't like being picked up like that.”
“Yeah yeah yeah. Love the new outfit by the way.”
“Thanks.” She said blushing. “And I like the cake.”
“It was Jinxx and Sammi's idea to do that. We were just going to get a plain old cake.”
“What kind of cake is it?”
“Red velvet. That's okay, right?”
“Yeah. You guys really stuck with the whole red and black theme. With the cake as well.”
“Well, we know that red and black are your favourite colours, so, yeah.”
“Since I took you out shopping earlier, the guys wanted to play you a show as their gift.” Sammi said.
She blushed, “Okay.” The guys left and walked onto the stage that was in the room. They played all of her favourite songs; Mortician's Daughter, Fallen Angels, Perfect Weapon, Rebel Love Song, etc. They ended their little concert by singing happy birthday. Of course they waited until Sammi had walked her over to the cake so she could blow out the candles. After they finished, Sammi cut the cake and handed out pieces.
“You are such an awesome friend, Sammi.”
“And an awesome wife.” Jinxx said as he walked up to her and kissed her cheek. She laughed and took some icing and poked his nose.
He laughed, “Hey.”
Olivia giggled and took her piece and sat down.
“Mind if I sit with ya?” Andy asked
“Nah, go ahead.”
“So, what did you think?”
“I liked it. It's so different hearing you guys play without all of the screaming fans.” She said taking a bite of her cake.
“Heh, yeah.” He took a bite of his own piece.
“You guys are just so great. I'm kinda glad I almost passed out at that concert.”
“I'm not glad that you almost passed out, but I am glad that we got to meet you. You are an awesome part of the family. And you and Sammi are like best friends now.”
“Yeah, she's awesome.” She smiled and finished her piece.
He leaned in and whispered, “Listen, I know you aren't legal to drink yet, but if you want later you can come down with Sammi to our rooms and take some drinks with us.”
“I don't know.”
“Come on, you can't be an innocent little girl who follows the law.”
“Andy, I'm not innocent. In case you don't remember, I was an 18, now 19 year old girl traveling with a famous rock band for months. And besides, I lost my alcohol virginity when I was in college.”
“Really? What was it?”
“Peach Vodka.”
“Yep so I'll be there.”
“Awesome.” He smiled and got up, throwing away his paper plate.

“You coming with me, Liv?” Sammi asked as she finished curling her hair and walking out the door.
“Yeah.” She stood up from the bed and followed Sammi down the hall to the guys room.
“Sup.” CC said as he answered the door. He was already hammered. You could tell because he was leaning against the wall for leverage AND he was already shirtless.
“Christian, put a shirt on.” Sammi said walking into the room.
“Come on, we came to par-tay, didn't we?” He shouted at her as he closed the door. The smell of alcohol was thick on him. Olivia walked around him and over to the others. She saw Sammi sitting with Jinxx, Ashley and Jake, but not Andy.
“Hey guys, where's Andy at?”
“In his room.” Jake responded.
“Why didn't he come?”
“Who knows. He got all depressed after we cam back to our rooms.”
“Alright.” She turned around and walked to the door.
“Where you goin'? Ashley asked.
“To talk to Andy.” She said as she left. She walked two doors down and knocked on the door.
“Who is it?”
“It's Olivia. Can I come in?”
The door clicked as he unlocked it. She walked in when he opened the door a crack. He walked back over and sat on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands.
“You okay? The guys said you were depressed.”
“Yeah, I'm fine...”
“Andy, no you're not, I can tell something's wrong.”
“It's nothing really. I just started thinking about my grandfather for some reason.”
“Oh right he died last year.”
“Yeah...I miss him like crazy...”
“I know what it's like to lose someone close to you.”
“I lost my dad when I was nine years old.”
“How did he die?”
“Oh my god, I'm so sorry.”
“That's when I changed. I used to be this happy little girl, then when my dad died I turned into a completely different person. I isolated myself from everyone. I turned, as people would say it, emo.”
He pulled me into a hug, “I'm sorry I had no idea.”
“It's okay. Have you been drinking?”
“A little. I tried drinking away the pain, but it doesn't work.”
“You shouldn't do that.”
“I know, but I couldn't let the guys see me like this.”
“Let's go back to Jake and Jinxx's room and have some fun. CC's already hammered.” She stood up taking his hand and started walking but he wouldn't move.
“Andy, come on, if you're not going to come with me, at least let go off my hand.”
“No...” He pulled her back down to him; squeezing her hand tighter. He took his free hand and ran it through her hair.
She blushed, looking down, “A-Andy what are you-” She was silenced when his lips lightly touched hers. Her face flushed as he kissed her again, pulling her closer to him this time. She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back.
Andy pulled back slightly and pressed his forehead against hers, “That made me feel a little better.”
He chuckled when he saw how red Olivia's face was.
“You should see your face.”
“Shut up.”
“It's cute.”
“No it's not.” She covered her face with her hands.
He took her hands in his, “Don't do that.”
“You don't know how many times I've dreamed about kissing you. I never thought it would actually happen.”
“Well, it just did. What was it like?”
“Amazing.” She looked down blushing.
“Good, we had the same feeling.” He stood up holding one of her hands. “Come on, let's go back to the room.”
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AWWWWWWWWWW so friggin cute
BBRAE1994 Jun 13, 2013  Student Artist
Thank you
Awww the ending was cute :3
lulu-bel Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
she is sounding more and more like me. except the dad part.
BBRAE1994 Apr 9, 2013  Student Artist
It's actually me.
lulu-bel Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow that's pretty cool. not about your the dad though. my parents are just divorced.
kattie-42 Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is great!
BBRAE1994 Apr 8, 2013  Student Artist
Thank you
kattie-42 Apr 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
your welcome!
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